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“The Power Person of Korba”
“Asia Shree Jyotish Pundit”
Dr B P Vishvakarma

Dr Vishvakarma was born on 01 July 1955 at bilaspur of Chhattisgarh. He took primary education in south eastern railway school and middle and higher secondary education in the Gurunanak school bilaspur. He got MSc (Physics) in 1979 at CMD Degree college bilaspur, he has served as an assistant account officer since 1979 to 1983 in MP government. Presently he has been serving as a physics lecturer at Vidyutgrih higher secondary school Korba, since 1983. He is involved with Jyotish Shasta from last 12 years. He used to take part in national and international summits, conferences of astrology in India and abroad. Future Point New Delhi has given him a Lifetime Membership at their jyotish institute in 1998.

  • Was awarded a hounor letter from Akhil Bhartiya Jyotish Maha-Sammelan, Haridwar in oct-2000.
  • Was awarded gold medal for the best lecture in international conference of Indian Ancient Science by Mauritius Jahajrani and Land Transport Minister Shri Anil Kumar Bachchu, incorporated by Mauritius government in 2001.
  • Has paid respect and awarded hounor letter, medal, shawl and shrifal by Omshanti Jyotish Sanskrit School and Research Center Balco in Feb 2002.
  • Was awarded gold medal and degree of international astrologer for the best service in astrology by International Federation of Astrology and Spiritual Science Colombo (Srilanka) in 2002, also the International Astrology and Spiritual Science University Matara (Srilanka) has awarded the degree of doctorate on special research thesis of vastu and jyotish.
  • Was awarded the degree of “Jyotish Parashar” by Asian astrologers congress Kolkata in jyotish summit held at Raipur (CG) and also declared the best research thesis presented by him among all astrologers, vastu specialist, palmist of various states, and become man of the year of 2002. the golden crown of man of the year was given to him by respected Governor of CG Shri Dinesh Nandan Sahay.
  • Was awarded “Asia Shri Jyotish Pundit” and “Jagatmata Kamakhya Award” by Agriculture State Minister of Assam at international jyotish summit held at Guwahati in jun2003. On the same occasion he got the gold medal for his thesis on “Use of Astrology in Sissorian Operation”.
  • Was awarded gold medal for his thesis by All India Federation Of Astrologers Society New Delhi and European forum for ayurved Netherland in a joint venture, at heys Erasmus University Rotterdam in oct-2003.
  • Was awarded by prime minister of Bangkok for his lecture on ratnas in year 2005.
  • Was a team member of a special astrologers team of Holland, Belgium, Paris and Switzerland made for an ancient Indian knowledge awakening aim.
Some forecast which becomes true

So many forecast of shri B P Vishvakarma was found true and correct time to time. His articles and forecast are being published in the newspaper and books regularly.

  • America attacked on Taliban on 7th Oct-2001, forecast was made not in favour.
  • A forecast is made by him through a local news channel in may-jun2002 when Indo-Pak military forces were on war footing, that no war will take place. All knows both nations were declared not to attack on each other and withdrawn their forces from borders on 31st may 2002.
  • He made a forecast of resignation or removal of vidhan sabha upadhyaksh of CG on 3rd mar-2003, which becomes true on 9th mar-2003 with the resignation of vidhan sabha upadhyaksh.
  • He made a forecast of excessive rain fall in comparison of previous year on 26 jun-2003 through a daily newspaper, which became true.
  • A forecast made by him on astrological events happened due to coming of mangal planet very near to earth in 27 aug-2003 became true.
  • The MLAs and MPs who were told to win the election became all success.

Large research thesis was published in local news papers, Future Samachar New Delhi and Jyotish Mantan on feb-2004. The political future life of Priyanka Vadera was published in local newspapers on 8-feb 2004. The forecast about korba district, CG state and whole nation published in various magazines and papers are found true always. Dr B P Vishvakarma the Astrologer, has guaranteed the treatment of many incurable diseases like asthma, migraine, madness etc by astrology using chant, fast, donation and ratnas in various articles compiled by him. By using theories of astrology the bad effects on mental status, wealth, marriage, job, business etc. of a person can be sorted out. After knowing the birth date of a candidate, Dr Vishvakarma estimates the actual birth time on the basis of astrological concepts. Hence the candidate who knows only their birth date may take advantages of astrology.