Astro Services


By knowing your birth date, time and place the details of the things are being happening with you could be known. Your problems can be sorted out with the help of Gems, Chanting and Homage. You may know following points using astrology:

  1. Which gem should be worn at which particular time and which one is not. Which planet should be homage or not. From when you are affected by Sadhesaati or Adhaiya of Saturn and what are their good and bad effects. Are you Manglik or not. Are you affected by KALSARPYOG or you are getting its goof effect. How many auspicious and inauspicious combinations are present in your horoscope, and when these combinations will occur. How much you will rise in your life.
  2. What would be your nature, physical structure and strength and attitude. Will you be attractive are ugly.
  3. How well your family relationship will be. What about your wealth position. from where and How will you get wealth. What about your verbal communication. Will you be affected by any edict?
  4. What about your guts and courage. Will you get the help of your younger brother and sister or not. Are you able take any kind of risk or not. When you will do journeys
  5. Will you get property, vehicle or house. Will your mind be relaxed or not. How is your basic education.
  6. How well your public relation, intellect and offspring will be. Love relation will succeed or not. Is there any relation with film and TV.
  7. Position of loan, success in business or job, win or lose in court, will there any dispute or not.
  8. What about your life partner. Combinations for marriage, late marriage, love marriage, divorce, remarriage. What about partnership, sex and extra maritorial affair.
  9. Is there any accidental combination, what about your age, will you get the profit from insurance, lottery, shares, stock market or not. will the property or wealth of husband or wife be used.
  10. Who is your main Lord. Spiritual growth or not. Spiritual power will get or not, how much effort and how much wealth, how is your luck, how much recognition is, is there any advantage from homage, what about your higher education, long journey is possible or not.
  11. What would be your business or working area. How much success you get in your life, support of father, RAJYOG
  12. How much support you get from your elders, how much progress in life, desire satisfaction.
  13. Position of Foreign trip, loss, jail.