Astro Services


There is not any process and science to know about past, present and future except Astrology. But sometimes numerology is used in some matters due to unavailability of details in Astrology. If it is known by astrology that the rise in luck (Bhagyoday) of a person is 100 KM away in East direction from his birth place, then selection of particular place becomes tough. Then selection of that place away 100 KM in east direction is done by knowing person’s Number of Birth date (Janmank)/,Moolank) and Namank )of the birth place. Similarly the selection of house number, vehicle number is possible only by numerology. Infact the similarity in Number of Name (Naamank), Number of Birth date (Janmank) and number of city of a person is very helpful in his growth. Using numerology, your Moolank, Bhagyaank, Friend number, Enemy number lucky day, planet, gems, metal, colour and direction could be known.