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The house where we live, the direction of the doors, windows, stairs, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, study room and homage (pooja) room of that house are fixed. If any thing is misplaced from its Fundamental direction, then planets indicating erroneous direction become active which can cause various problems in life. So the Vastu of the home should be modified so that the bad effects of unlucky planet are avoided.

  1. The Vastu of House under construction: when the base of a house is laid, that time If house is built according to the Vastu, then future become safe and happy. The base of house should be laid at correct MUHURT. If the confirmation of the construction of the slope of floor to painting is done according to Vastu then the person residing in that house is always prominent.
  2. The Vastu of constructed house: the modification of building of any company, government, rental, and multistory building is difficult according to Vastu. In that situation, using pyra Vastu, crystal Vastu, or fengshui Vastu the problem are absolutely sorted out.
  3. Other Vastu: apart from the Vastu of flats, apartments, plots the Vastu of shop, office, bungalow, showroom, small and medium scale industries, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurant, schools, farmhouse, bank, college, hotels, colonies, laboratories, cinema hall, auditorium, stadium, clubs etc. can be set.
  4. Solution of problems (Dosh Nivaran): if you are suffering from any problem, then we can provide you relaxation from problematic planets by chanting, homage, and keeping away from Vastu dosh.